blue moons interiority complex indigo interiority complex 1 Nuwa Walking with Lewis Carroll 99Bird Calls LoveNest Aguaterrria Watching the sunset Fuxi

Print-works is the collective term I use to describe my paper/printmaking/collage hybrids. It's a broad net for mixed media, much of which is generated by printmaking processes such as monotype, woodcuts, photogram,archival inkjet images or just picking up a wet palette and pressing it onto paper. It's about mark making, cutting up, transfering, layering and mixing materials. 

The large paper figures here are part of an ongoing body of work that started in 2014. They are the enchanters in the cultural history that I'm reweaving. Included are Chinese creation myth characters Nuwa and Fuxi, guardians of the cosmos. They are here with the birds and animals to put the world back in balance. Henry Miller and Rona, his guide from Paris. Queen Victoria and most recently, Wild beaver tracker.