Winter 2019

We’ve had a big winter here in the southwest. Snow. I love the snow and skiing but my studio has been a brisk 60 degrees for 2 months. I was happy to stay inside my warm house to begin a photo book of my art projects from 2009-2018. Everyone told me the software was user friendly, easy- but then I fell into the rabbit hole, thanks to artist,friend, and digital media guru Sarah Hewitt. The idea of the book was to integrate the diverse projects I worked on during that time period. Stringing Henry Miller with disappearing beavers on the Santa Fe River and the magical mystery tour of India with the BE HERE NOW awareness that climate disruption is threatening the dance of life itself. Sarah reminded me that I am also a writer, a word person, a storyteller. By the end of our phone conversation I was collaging the last 9 rich years of life into now, 2019, with despair and hope. Here are a few images from the next project- a graphic novel about the ongoing search for “things with feathers ” ( Emily Dickinson’Hope is the thing with feathers) while feeling grief for life on earth given the climate report.

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