Venus Velvet at Cornell Museum of Art/ Delray Beach, Florida

In 2009 I took down a dead apple tree on my property. I was taking a sculpture class at the Santa Fe Community College, an intro class that was 1/2 semester in the metal shop and 1/2 semester in the woodshop. I wanted to make pencils out of the apple limbs. I did. They didn’t look like much until I painted them. Once they had a coat of yellow casein paint, custom mix, and had their name carved in and then shined with beeswax (bees also from the property) they looked like cartoon pencils- or ‘puppets’ as my friend Laia Obregon, a puppeteer, referred to them.

On July 14, Venus Velvet #4, will be on exhibit at the Cornell Museum of Art/ Delray Beach, Florida, as part of the exhibition ‘Re-Imagined’ Another pencil from the series is part of the permanent collection at Santa Fe Community College. They get around. Most popular was the pencil named Future, which former Santa Fe Poet Laureate, Joan Logghe, took with her on public speaking engagements. Kids are fascinated by the pencils- ”does it write?” Yes, but the graphite tip is very fragile!!!


8_cutting the apple tree

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