Meta Tourist in NYC day 1

November 2, 2015– don’t sleep on the JetBlue redeye flight from Albuquerque to JFK. Land, don’t take taxi like I did, instead take the LIRR train or subway and maneuver transfers. Save money for coffee, later. Drop bag off, get hug and coffee from friend who is hosting me and ready to leave for a day of work. It’s 7:30AM. By 9AM start walking- walk through Central Park.

central park

Say hi to the Rabbit.Keep walking till you get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. meet the rabbit
I always get lost in the Met. It only bothers me when I think I’m missing something so my new Meta Met method is to wander. Get lost. This time, I had a loose itinerary- to view temporary exhibitions.

I was turned around, upside down in my rabbit hole, and found myself in the Asian wing. I was captivated by the animated figures of Hindu deities and monumental Buddhist shrine figures whose names were hard to pronounce. get lost in the MetThe silk road and China and then…

Sonic Blossom, an interactive performance project by Lee Mingwei. A singer from the Manhattan School of Music goes out into the galleries and invites an individual to come sit in the massive Met Asian gallery and be sung to. One to one. One singer, one receiver, seated in a chair about 30 feet away from the singer. It was magic. The Buddha figure behind the singer and another behind the listener were smiling. Love. Open hearted voice, a gift to everyone in the room who passed through or sat perched like a migrating songbird. sonic blossom


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  1. corliss mackid says:

    Hey Kathleen! I was in NYC also, just a little before you; Oct 27 – 31. I didn’t uptown but rather hung out on the Lower East Side. Re-connecting with all the places I used to frequent when my kids and I lived there. Basically I just walked and walked and walked, soaking up the energy. It was great!!!!