Meta-tourist collage workshop

Last week I hosted another workshop in my studio- the Meta-Tourist Collage as cartography gathering. As a warmup exercise I cut up magazines into miniature pies, 18 pieces to a pie. We all had 10 minutes to paste the pieces onto a 5×7 postcard. I was sure everyone would make a circle out of the pieces but NOBODY made a closed circle. They ranged from free form open composition, bebop style, to spinning open ended circles to methodical linear arrangements. We bring ourselves to whatever we do and while I was fixated on circles, rounding up my energy which have been on a giant sojourn into a variety of media and ideas, we all worked from our own center. Next time I want to do a 2 day workshop so we can really develop the layers, ideas- a weekend getaway rather than a one night stand. Know what I mean?IMG_9787


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