Mapping inner Paris at Axle Contemporary

It’s the map of Paris; it’s the Cosmological Eye. It’s surveillance (sur: over beyond above; veillance/Fr.veiller/L. vigilare=to watch/WAKE


Axle Artist is In

Yesterday I was in the Axle Contemporary van ( in Santa Fe, NM talking about a work in progress ‘Open Letters from the Hotel Central: a Correspondence between Henry Miler, Emil Schnellock and Posterity’. I took the canvas map painting from under the hotel room bed and mounted it on the van’s wall. Nuwa and Fuxi were there, along with the Samsonite briefcase- the ‘enormous womb’ in Henry speak, that holds the contents of the archive  whose thread I’ve been following for several years now. I was tangled in facts and telling the truth but was reminded by my perfect audience and surveilling eye of Henry Miller that fiction and invention are the fabric of life. Let it rip. For 90 minutes the Axle van was the Airstream version of the Hotel Central. Thanks to all who stopped by.

The cosmological eye is watching over me. Where is Edward Snowden?


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