Looking up

Above all of us – blue sky. And the moon, circling.

In New Mexico, the sky is lake, ocean, river, tide, and weathervane.

Now, a woman VP and water on the moon. Cheers to the changing world.

This indigo dyed paper and silk installation is from an ongoing series of indigo dye baths I’ve made over the years in which I celebrate the harvest season with a communal dye bath of indigo blue. Many different materials are placed in the bath- paper is one of my favorites.
Indigo was grown in New Mexico during Spanish settlement. I don’t know if it was cultivated here in the Pueblos or traded with weavers or dyers south of here in Central America. I’ve found seeds from Guatemalan plants online and will try growing them in the garden along with an Asian variety of seeds with pink flowers. It’s a seasonal ritual.

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