Hotel Central-Oaxaca

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I just returned from 10 days in Oaxaca ciudad. It was my first visit since 1994, when I was there fro Dias de los Muertos, traveling through Mexico with someone I barely knew who drank all the mezcal that was offered and left me in Puerto Escondido for two days without the key to the room so she could fecund herself with her dear Oaxaquena boyfriend in another hotel. We were supposed to be a travel writing team- me the writer, she the photographer. But really, she was Uranus and I was Pluto.  It was all about death and rebirth; and it it still is. I was afraid to return, afraid it was a dream that would turn into a Wal-Mart. Yes, there is a Wal-Mart but the dream lives, wide awake, in the streets, the people, the food, the love. And the street art, graphics- how I long for figures again in my art making. Crazy magically real  story figures. 
Street talk Oaxaca
talk Oaxaca

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