It was 3 months ago today that I started sheltering in place. I’d been working in the print studio at the Santa Fe Community College that night, anxious about leaving the next morning for 2 weeks in Mexico. The world was falling apart; And I really wanted to run away. What got me was a social media report that we, the USA, was 1 week from Italy. the sirens, the dying, the people at windows playing tubas and violins. The socially responsible action was to STOP. Don’t go anywhere.
I went in my studio. I’ve been working with chainmail textures and pattern ink transfers since I went to India in 2018. Protection- the MeToo Movement and hate speech from the administration, the Fascist autocrats on the rise around the world. FEAR feeding frenzy.
I danced. Socially distanced with large paper figures. Henry Miller was there, so was Rona aka June, and Queen Victoria.Moondrop, Nuwa and Fuxi, Me- the beaver advocate. I’m still here, sheltering in place although less afraid of the grocery store. Working. Witnessing and reporting my experience in this perfect storm. The virus is the elder here- I respect the conditions and its energetic preparation for Black Lives Matter to bring the lies and poison of racism out into the streets in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. Shocking transformation. We are in it together.

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