Get lost workshop

workshop1 72dpi OK- it started out as ‘If I could Fly”, a workshop in my studio where a small group of people (no more than 10) would gather for automatic writing and collage play. 3 hours total.



Only problem was that I mixed my metaphors from the get go. In the email announcement I started out with flying and then invited people into my rabbit hole. Ever try flying out of a rabbit hole? workshop3 72dpiThere could be something here but why involve people in the coney island of my mind? Scary. What transpired was more spontaneous, rich and graced by synchronicity. 12 people showed up- and somehow we fit in my studio. I’d torn up an old World Atlas and people showed up with maps in hand to add to the materials. Robert, a former rare book restorer, contributed blank pages from a late 18th century publication of Captain James Cook 3rd Voyage. I’d asked attendees to reflect on what had been showing up in their life lately- the words of a song, a bird, money, lottaburger bags…whatever it was, to make note. To acknowledge. This practice of recognition is the beginning of awareness and gratitude. The more I acknowledge the connection being made the more connections are made. workshop5 300dpi5 of the 12 people showed up on time so we started late. Everyone was connecting with one another so I dropped the thought of ‘late’ in exchange for ‘ mixing’ and connecting. Relational art in action. I shared that what has been showing up in my life is the idea of being lost. I’ve had a fear of getting lost in the wilderness and I’m very cautious about staying on well marked trails. In the studio I’m lost- a lot. A quote from Anish Kapur came up while having coffee with some colleagues/friends from a life drawing group-  windmill

An artists job is to say ‘I’m lost’. “You lie on the couch and say I feel terrible about this, that and the other. And suddenly there is a whole thing in the room between you and this other person and you’ve got to work with it. And you think, ‘Oh god look what’s happened! It’s all here! Suddenly there’s a third person in the room before you even know it. And it’s not disimilar for an artist – this stuff arises and then it’s the thing that you work with. And I’m really interested in that as a process. Because it’s a process that leads you in directions you couldn’t imagine, directions you couldn’t rationally put there.” 

We got lost together, with torn maps and the safety of the rabbit hole studio, time restriction and delicious homemade muffins. I cancelled the writing- there wasn’t time. I encouraged getting off the grid, rectangle, square and walk off the edge. Amazing what can happen with a glue stick and paper. By the end of the 3 hours we’d tracked our ‘interiority complexes’, some had moved off the plane and into the 3rd dimension. We played, we exchanged, we recharged the conversation with our deepest selves. We got lost.

Next workshop will be collage only, a few paper clips and string thrown in. August. TBD.

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