2020 hindsight

Spring- On March 12th I thought I was going to El Pescadero, Baja Sur, Mexico for two weeks. By 6PM it was off- the world was closing up. The borders, the hospitals, the schools.
I began sheltering in place. I explored the flat files and the unresolved paper pieces from years past. I had time to wander within

Hello out there Spring 2020

2020 heard around the world

Democracy Now broadcast from the epicenter of the pandemic- NYC. Essential workers was a new term, a twist of fate that sounded noble, heroic and dangerous. Construction boomed in NM as hospitals filled in NY.
Black Lives Matter -pivot. My eyes are open. I read The New Jim Crow and White Fragility. I am not an essential worker. I have the priveledge of working from home. Summer: We hike everywhere. We watch movies on my laptop on the portal and pretend its a drivein. I seldom drive anywhere. Fires season in northern NM is relatively quiet. The red sunsets remind us of fires burning to the north, south and west.

The election heats up.

Winter begins. More will be revealed.
Renew, and hopefully this year we will emerge from our caves and see the world with new appreciation in 2021.

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