Fall 2020

The summer rains never came. A veil of smoke blows in from the west and I have new appreication for my Covid 19 mask. We talk about the weather, the lack of insects. Instead of winged vegetable predators we have squirrels in the garden, nibbling tomatoes. Close by, a big black bear feasted in a field of watermelons and then moved onto bee hives. Lots of bright yellow birds- grossbeaks or orioles, and finches in the trees. Swans have shown up in my latest  works on paper. I've never seen a swan in la Cieneguilla. I welcome them into my work as messangers, transformers, chagelings from another time and place, water birds that are quiet. When they sing, we listen. 

Here is some of the work that has transpired during this strange time. Finding the gratitude. Hanging in the unknown. Staying awake.